Tirah valley: Nature's Hidden Gem Revealed

 Tirah valley: Nature's Hidden Gem Revealed

Tirah Valley

Tirah valley is mountainous area in west-central KPK province, Pakistan. It lies on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in the middle of the Khyber Pass and Khanki Valley, northwest side of the Kohat town.

It is inhabited mostly by Afridi and Orakzay Pashtun tribes. Tirah contain a rough area of 600–700 square miles , Watered by the Mastura , the Khanki, and the Khurmana rivers, all of which rise within a few miles of Mount Mitta (12,470 feet [3,801 metres]) in the Spin Scope.

It is the situated where the Afridi tribe staged a revolt against British Raj in 1897. But the area has since been revered by pair Pakhtuns and British alike.

Tirat Valley......

Tirah valley: Nature's Hidden Gem Revealed imageTirah valley

How to get Tirah Valley?

From Kohat to Tirah take 3 to 4 hours. If you are from karak, Lakki Marwat, or peshawar. So this journey is not going to be long for you. When you reach Tirah, a cold winds surrounds you, and the cloud begin is touch you. The first here-to-are spot you find along the way, they called zera in Pashto.

History of Tirah Valley

History of Tirah Valley dates back to the seventeen Century. An Afghan fight, Pir Roshan let Tirahis be segment of Afghanistan in the seventeen Century. He guide people to flee to Nangarhar.

After that 1620, Mahabat Khan, a Subahdar of Kabul under Emperor Jahangir, was sent to charge Tirah. He successfully massacred three hundred Daulatzai Orakzay. They were the ones who pay attention to the teachings of Pir Roshan.

When Mahabat Khan left for a slide to Rohtas, the area got under another dangerous attack. Ghairat Khan attacked Tirah. Samangha Pass is the main Pass of Tirah valley. The army of Ghairat Khan hold out this Pass to invade.

Tirah valley: Nature's Hidden Gem Revealed imageHistory of Tirah Valley

Rajputs attacked the Roshanis, and Ghairat Khan’s army attacked the Daulatzai who live in this Pass. Ihdad led Roshanis and Malik Tor led Daulatzais. But some years later, Ihdad was shot, and his head was sent to Jahangir.

Weather /Climate

The temperature of Tirah Valley is hot and dry in summer season, and the temperature decrease to O Celsius at night in winter.

The valley has some attractive weather patterns. Most of them are classified as continental-type climates with hot summers and cold winters seasons. Afridis and Orakzais proceed to more excellent places of the Maidan to beat the heat during the summer season. Mosquitos and malaria are also common during monsoon season in Tirah Valley.

 The Mastura Valley has Orakzais and is the home of various little villages. Orakzais go to Mastura during the summer season when the weather is mild.

And they stay at Miranzai in winter season , when the weather is very cold. So this shows that the weather patterns in the valley vary.

Tirah valley: Nature's Hidden Gem Revealed imagetirah valley weather

Tirah valley Geography

Tirah consists of 600-700 square miles of area and, Encompasses the valleys that originate from the source of the Bara River. Five valley come under the Tirah






In Maidan the Afridis tribe live. It is near to Safed Koh, About seven thousand four hundred feet, Above the sea level. It look like oval, Plain surrounded by high peak hills with a place seven to eight miles and wide three to four mile.

The northern side of the plain slopes inwards towards the center. All the drainage from 4, Corners ends up in a narrow outlet in the middle of, Leading to the Bara Valley. It has been home to many different local people over the centuries.
Tirah valley: Nature's Hidden Gem Revealed imageTirah Valley location

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