Soon Valley Beautiful valley of Punjab

Soon Valley

Soon Valley
Soon Valley

Soon Valley and Soon Sakesar are two names of one valley. Soon valley is Located in Khushab District of Pakistan. The Soon valley starting point is Padhrar valley and ending point is Sakesar which is also called Highest peak of Salt.

From the north west side of Khushab district it is located. The sea level of the valley is approximately 5010 feet.  Length of this valley is approximately 35 miles. 

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·         Soon valley

·        Location of Soon Valley

·         Soon Valley Map

·         Lahore to Soon Valley

·         ViaM-2 Motorway and khushab

·         Via Sargodha

·         Culture of Soon Valley

·         Soon Valley Lakes

·         Places to visit

·         Akrand Fort

·         Uchhali Lake

·         Amb Sharif

·         List of Facts and Figures

·         Conclusion

·         FAQs

Location of Soon Valley

  1. From Islamabad to Soon valley Distance is 230 kilometers.
  2. From Sargodha to Soon valley Distance is 120 kilometers.
  3. From Lahore to Soon valley Distance is 320 kilometers.

Soon Valley Map

Lahore to Soon Valley

The distance among Lahore and Soon Valley in Pakistan is about 260 kilometers (162 miles). The journey can take round four to five hours with the aid of avenue, depending on visitors situations and the unique route you take. Here are a few fashionable instructions to get from Lahore to Soon Valley:

Via M-2 Motorway and Khushab:

·        Take the M-2 highway southbound from Lahore.

·        Continue on M-2 and take the Pindi Bhattian Interchange to merge onto Mianwali   Road/N-95.

·        Follow N-ninety-five to attain Khushab.

 From Khushab, you can head east in the direction of Soon Valley.   

Via Sargodha:

·         Head south from Lahore on the M-2 highway.

·         Take the exit in the direction of Faisalabad/Sargodha on M-3.

·         Follow signs to Sargodha.

·         From Sargodha, you may head southeast to attain Soon Valley.

Aspect Highlight
Natural Beauty Beautiful landscapes, Uchali Lake's azure waters
Wildlife Diversity Paradise for birdwatchers, diverse species
Historical Richness Kanhatti Garden's ancient caves and carvings
Local Culture Quaint villages, warm hospitality
Escape from Urban Life Tranquility and rejuvenation in nature

Culture of Soon Valley

Most of the habits of this valley are similar to Arab origin. So, the culture of this valley looks like Arabic culture. The very important and good thing of this valley, when the people of this valley get married they do it in the mosque.

In marriage mostly, the men and women are separated. Both of them sit in different places. And they also dance, on marriage. The people of the valley also like folk music. 

Soon Valley Lakes

Uchhali lake is a beautiful lake which is located on the southern side, Salt Range is the highest mountain of the Soon Valley. 

Each year, many migrating species, as well as rare white-headed ducks from Central Asia, come to these lakes. Another peaceful lake in the area is Jahlar Lake, which you can reach from both Nowshera and Sargodha.

Due to its salty water there are lifeless seas present. Another saltwater lake located in the southern Salt Range is known as Khabikki Lake.

Places to visit

  1. Akrand Fort

  2. Uchhali Lake

  3. Khabikki Lake

  4. Jahlar Lake

  5. Waterfall at Kufri

  6. Amb Sharif

  7. Sodhi village

  8. Koradhi village

Akrand Fort

Raja Tataar Khan's army built the Akrand fort in Soon Valley. Its purpose was to protect the Soon and Pakhar areas. You can reach the fort using a single road that leads to Kanhatti Garden.

Archaeologists also find the fort really Important due to its history and architecture.  Akrand valley is a beautiful place and also covered with green forest.

soon valley imageAkrand Fort

Uchhali Lake

The lake is located in the province of Pakistan Punjab it is also called Uchhali Lake. It's in the southern side of the Salt Range, specifically in the Soon Sakesar Valley.

Uchhali Lake grew because of the Salt Range. Doesn't have good ways for water to flow out. While the Lake looks like an amazing huge amount of salt in water like the ocean.

Many people come to visit this special natural spot every day.

 Uchhali lake                  Uchhali Lake                                                      

Amb Sharif

Amb Sharif is part of Soon valley. Administratively Amb Sharif is the part of Qaidabad but geographically it is the part of the valley. Beautiful place if I tell you the geography of Amb Sharif.

So, if you travel to the Soon valley From Uchhali main city to Amb Sharif distance is 19 kilometers. The path is not very convenient, if you come to Amb Sharif you can come on bike with friends.

On Bike you easily come to Amb Sharif because the road is bad in some places. On Car the way is a little risky. But 4*4 jeep is best if you can easily travel to Amb Sharif. Amb Sharif is the series of the temple.


List of Facts and Figures

·            Soon Valley spans over 300 square miles.

·            Uchhali Lake is one of the largest saltwater lakes in Pakistan. 

·            The valley is home to various endangered species.



Soon Valley is located in the heart of Pakistan. They provide a historical attractive places:

·        A diverse array of bird species for nature fans.

·         A glimpse into ancient civilizations through Kanhatti Garden's caves.

·         Immersion in local culture and warm hospitality.

·        You easily get away from busy city life and find calm in the peaceful outdoors.

·         The amazing natural scenery of Soon valley soothes the heart.

Embrace the allure of Soon Valley for an unforgettable journey into serenity culture and untouched beauty.


Why is the valley so famous?

Soon the valley is famous for its beautiful historical places and different lakes.

Where is the valley located?

Soon valley is located in Khushab District.

What is the beauty of the valley?

The beauty of the valley is the attractive lake, green forest and many unique places.

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