Lahore to Nowshera Distance

 Lahore to Nowshera

When you travel From Lahore to Nowshera. So first you go in train from lahore to Sheik Pura and then you travel in car to reach the destination.

lahore to nowshera

Lahore to Nowshera Distance

1.Aerial Distance (Lahore to Nowshera)
2.Railway Distance (Lahore to Nowshera)
3.Road Distance (Lahore to Nowshera)

1.Aerial Distance Lahore to Nowshera ✈️

Allama Iqbal is the main airport of lahore and this airport near to Lahore. From Nowshera side Bacha Khan airport near the Nowshera.

From Lahore to Nowshera airline distance 256 miles(412km). The duration of flight is approximately 1 hour and 25 minute.

2.Railway Distance­čÜć

Lahore railway station is the biggest station in Pakistan. The station is near to Lahore and the Nowshera railway station is near the Nowshera city. 

When you travel from Lahore to Nowshera the railway distance from Lahore to railway is 510 kilometer and the time is takes approximately 8 hours and 30 minute.

3.Road Distance­čĆÄ️

The road distance from Lahore to Nowshera is approximately 476 kilometer.

The distance depend on you which way to travel By air, train and road.

Route that Follow

There are multiple route

M-2 route: This route take 5 hour and 30 minute. 478kilometer.

M-14: This route take 9 hour and 10 minute. 629.9 kilometer.

Weather in Lahore

Weather forecast of Lahore : accuweather

lahore weather


What is the cheapest way to get from Nowshera Virkan to Lahore?

Cheapest way get from Nowshera to lahore is to taxi and then use train . It take time 1h 23m.

How do I get from Nowshera Virkan to Lahore the fastest?

The quickest way to easily reach from Nowshera to Lahore is taxi, it take time approximately 1 hour.

How far is it from Nowshera Virkan to Lahore?

The total distance from Nowshera to Lahore is around about 58 kilometer.

How long does it take to get from Nowshera Virkan to Lahore?

It take 1hour 23min

Can I drive from Nowshera Virkan to Lahore?

Yes, if you have own car so, you can easily drive from Nowshera to lahore. It take around 1 hour. The is the best way, if you have own car to reach lahore.

Where i stay near Lahore?

You stay in lahore different hotels.

Companies run services between Nowshera, Lahore

Pakistan railway


Nowshera Virkan

Lahore to Nowshera Road Map

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