Lahore to Naran: How to reach ?

 How to easily reach From Lahore to Naran?

Lahore to Naran travel

From Lahore to Naran there are different way  to reach Naran destination.

Lahore to Naran

How to reach Lahore to Naran?

Grand Trunk route

Mansehra Naran Jalkhad Chilas Rd/N-15

Different way to reach Naran

It self Drive
Fly to islamabad, taxi
Fly to Skardu ,taxi


If you go from Lahore to Naran  in taxi it take time approximately 6hour and 21 minute.
Lahore to Naran image

It Self Drive

If you drive it self the take require in the middle of 6 hour 21minute but the expense come too low.

lahore to naran

Fly to Islamabad, taxi

If you go From lahore to naran it take 6 hour and 27 minute.
lahore to naran

Fly to Skardu, taxi

Time require is 6 hour 38 minute.
lahore to naran


Cheapest Way to get From Lahore to Naran?

The very Cheapest way to easily reach from lahore to naran is it self drive. The time require is 6 hour and 21 minute. Cost is $55-$85

How far is it from Lahore to Naran?

The total distance from Lahore to Naran is 378 kilometer. Road distance is 606.7 kilometer.

How long is the flight from Lahore to Naran?

 From Lahore Airport to Islamabad Airport there is no direct flight.  The fastest flight also takes time 3h 20m.

Can i drive from Lahore to Naran?

Yes, you can easily  drive form Lahore to Naran and the is  distance 607 km. The time is require 6 hour 21 minute

Where i stay in Naran?

In Naran you stay in Hotel. There are approximately 61 hotels.

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