Swat : Unveiling the Enchanting Tales of Nature's Paradise

 Swat : Unveiling the Enchanting Tales of Nature's Paradise


Vacation Spots in Swat Heaven on Earth, especially along the stretch from Kalam to Mahudand Lake, is what Kalam is all about. Beautiful Swat Kalam sites to visit include the Ushu Forest. 

There are many glaciers and waterfalls in the area. A stunning terrain and an abundance of species are other natural treasures in Swat Valley. Swat is home to beautiful scenery, luxuriant woods, and lofty mountains. 

As a result, the Swat Valley and tourist-friendly locations benefit from a natural ecosystem. The region is well known for its mild climate and springs in addition to its freshwater lakes and rivers. These elements work together to make Pakistan a secure tourist destination.

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Reach to Swat

Best place for the tourist to visit

The Swat Valley is widely known for its summer and winter tourism attractions. First off, Swat is fantastic for summer honeymoons as well as hiking, trekking, camping, ziplining, riding chairlifts and cable cars. Second, Swat Kalam is a popular tourist destination since it provides Pakistan's largest array of winter sports activities. 

Last but not least, during the winter months, both domestic and foreign tourist to Swat Kalam Valley come to enjoy activities like skiing, ice skating, sledding, ice hockey, bandy, snowboarding, speed skating, curling, etc. Every year tourist come there for enjoying beauty of swat valley.

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If you plain to visit swat so must visit these places.

  1. Mingora
  2. Malam Jabba Ski Resort
  3. White Palace Marghazar
  4. Visit famous Gabin Jabba
  5. Shangla Top Point
  6. Kalam Tourist Point
  7. Mahodand Lake – Best place to visit
  8. Bahrain Visiting Place
  9. Mataltan trout fish place
  10. Madyan famous for Tourist
  11. Shahi Bagh beautiful place


The famous capital of Swat Valley is Mingora. Fizaghat Park not only offers delicious meals, but it also provides a wonderful atmosphere. When touring the Swat Valley, tourists arrive here first. Additionally, it is in Mingora, some 3.6 km from the town.

 From here, one may see the Swat River's roaring waters in person and have a broad view of the valley.

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Mingora swat kalam Place to visit

Malam Jabba

Nearly 44 kilometres separate Malam Jabba Top from Mingora, Swat's busiest trading centre. Malam Jabba is the only skiing destination in Pakistan. The Hindu Kush mountain range has one of the Swat Valley's most well-known hill stations. 

Even though the entire route to Malam Jabba is curved, daring travellers have enjoyed skiing there. The slope is also surrounded by a thick forest. In addition, Malam Jabba Resort in Pakistan offers world-class facilities for winter sports and adventures. 

The breathtaking mountain views are one of the main draws for many foreign visitors. Participants in the International Alpine Ski Cup who travelled to Pakistan have said that Malam Jabba is the ideal location for skiing in Swat Valley locales.

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                                                                            Malam Jabba ski

White Palace-Tourist Point

13 kilometres separate it from Saidu Shareef. The white castle of Maraghzar was constructed in 1940 by Miangul Abdul Wadud (Badshah Sahib), the first ruler of the Swat Valley. Marghuzar is a small village located around 13 km from Saidu Sharif. The palace's white marble construction led to the naming of the structure. The palace is currently a well-known tourist destination and hotel. the Royal Suite (the former King's bedroom), where Queen Elizabeth once spent for three days, and about 24 dynamic, spaciously furnished apartments. Must-see locations and tourist attractions in Swat Valley.

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White palace swat

Additionally, two significant conferences or meetings were held in the same rooms that King Abdul Wadood used for his cabinet sessions. 

From the King's lobby, guests can enjoy a stunning view of the garden grass. A sight of a flowing stream of water may also be seen via the right side of the king's veranda. People adore going to this palace. Springtime and lush green meadows will enhance the court's beauty.

It is majestic because of this old edifice. The building's elegance has been enhanced by the use of white Indian marble by the architect.

Gabin Jabba

A lovely Swat meadow called Gabin Jabba is about 70 kilometres from Mingora. One can take a car or jeep up to Lalkoo (it is advised to hire a car from Mingora with a local driver as the last 10 km of the track are under construction and quite tough), and then proceed on a three-hour walk from there. Information about Gabin Jabba

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Shangla Top

In essence, this Top serves as a quick route between Besham City and Swat. Khuwaza Khela to Shangla Top one-way diversion.

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Kalam valley

Swat is frequently referred to as Pakistan's Switzerland. It is 35 kilometres from Bahrain City. Kalam Valley is located first on the map because there is a distance of 99 km separating it from Swat Valley. The Swat River encircled the whole valley, along with the lush Swat hills. Due to this aspect, the Kalam Valley has drawn a sizable number of tourists. The important locations associated with Kalam include the worth-visiting Matiltan, Usho, Utror, and Gabral. Kalam is a must-visit location in Swat due to its cool, pleasant environment and panoramic views.

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Mahudand Lake Best Tourist Place in Swat

Depending on how much you haggle, the cost of the jeep from Kalam to Mahodand Lake can be anything between Rs. 4000 and 6000. The glacial alpine Mahudand Lake in the Ushu Valley near Kalam is a significant site in the Swat Valley.

 At a height of 9,603 feet, the lake was surrounded by beautiful green meadows and had the wide Hindu Kush peaks serving as a complete backdrop behind it, making it the ideal location for camping. The best time to visit is in the middle of summer because the lake freezes over in the winter and is inaccessible owing to road construction. 

Different types of flora and animals, including giant fishes, are among the many other things one can find here. It is without a doubt one of the most lovely, well-known, and popular sites in Swat picnic to spend the day. The place is best for tourist.

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Mahodand Lake – Best Tourist Place of Swat

One of Pakistan's most stunning lakes is Mahodand Lake. Due to its crystal pure water, this magnificent Lake draws a lot of people every year. The Lake is located at the Hindukush Mountains' foothills. 

The road to the Lake is highly uneven and in poor condition due to winter. Only 44 Jeeps will fit through; Kalam Valley has enough of them. In the winter, Mahodand Lake is inaccessible. The most popular picnic location in Swat with beautiful scenery for visitors.
It takes 35 kilometres to get from Kalam to Mahudand Lake. 

Depending on how much you haggle, the Jeep will cost you between Rs. 4000 and 6000 to travel from Kalam to Mahudand Lake. The ideal time to visit Mahudand Lake is early in the morning. At Lake, you can stay all day. Take a few quick trips en route to the lake. At Matalan Point, you can also see Falak Sar Peak, the tallest peak in Kalam Valley.

Camping Mahodand Lake

It's believed to be a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Tourist from all over the  world come here for its beautiful scenery and verdant surroundings. 

Due to its isolated location, hotels and other structures are not present. Tents and campers have been installed across the valley by locals to improve the infrastructure and welcome tourists. 

In Addition, the place provide an opportunities for boating and horseback riding. This place is really very beautiful and amazing place. When you come here so must stay some days in swat.


The main bazaar of Swat Kalam tourist attractions is located in Bahrain Town. Bahrain has a reputation for being a riverfront resort and hill station. 

The joining of two distinct rivers is expressly described in the title. Travellers can stay at hotels while taking advantage of the refreshing breezes of the Daral and Swat Rivers. It also serves as the starting point for a trail that leads to the lakes of Daral and Saigas.

 The area has a pleasant summer climate and is a must-see location in Swat because of its fame and beauty.

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Matalitan water fall

Matalitan is a beautiful small valley the way to Mahudand Lake. Must check Climate of swat valley before going

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Is a little Madyan is regarded as one of Swat's nicest hill towns. The Swat River and its surroundings make the hill station a well-liked vacation spot. 

This is a amazing location to  must visit because of the beauty surroundings, delicious food, and enjoyable environment. Because of its scrumptious trout fish and fantastic summer weather, Madyan is a favorite vacation spot for those who enjoy the outdoors. 

More people come here because of the Swat River, which empties into the Shyok River. Several hotels in Madyan provide opulent amenities. One of the most stunning and well-known tourist destinations in Swat Valley. On the route to Mahudand Lake, there is a lovely valley. 

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Shahi Bagh

In Swat Valley, Shahi Bagh makes a lovely picnic location to take in the peace and nice weather. It's a great location for family time and outside cooking. In Gabral District, Shahi Bagh's property includes a freshwater stream. Must read Explore the beauty of Gilgit valley.

Gabin Jabba Swat

A lovely Swat meadow called Gabin Jabba is about 70 kilometres from Mingora. A car or jeep can take you all the way to Lalkoo. It is advised to rent a car from Mingora with a local driver because the final 10 km of the circuit are quite challenging and still under construction. After that, you can go hiking for around three hours.

 The route is moderate for the first hour before becoming difficult when a challenging/steep hiking trail begins. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach the summit in the Gabeen Jabba meadows. A lovely meadow and camping area are located on top, and there are also accommodations in pods. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Swat.

The village of Lalko, which is carefully connected to the area, is located to the north of Gabin Jabba and serves as a gateway. If you go to Gabin Jabba so must bring four wheel jeep.

 It is the first town you come across when you travel to Gabin Jabba. It also serves as the starting point for a path that leads to the Daral and Saidgai alpine glacier lakes.

How to reach Gabin Jabba

You can go to Mingora through the Swat Motorway and then choose one of these routes to reach Gabin Jabba from Mingora City. 

First Route

Follow the Bagh Deri Road to Lalkoo Rd (1 hour and 10 minutes / 39.1 km) to reach to Gabin Jabba (50 minutes / 21.2 km) after travelling on N-95 (Bahrain Rd) through Mingora and Khwazakhela.

Second Route

Kanju is another way to cross the Swat River. Take Bagh Deri Road for 1 hour and 15 minutes starting from Airport Road. On Bagh Deri Road, keep going. Travel 17.7 kilometres (about 43 minutes) to Lalkoo Rd to get to Gabeen Jabba.

The two routes' middle sections barely differ from one another. The alternative road is substantially less crowded than the main route to Gabin Jabba, though. During the busiest travel season, you could encounter delays when visiting Swat due to the heavy traffic load on both routes. Before visiting the Gabin Jabba, check the season.


What is the Swat valley is famous for?

Swat valley is famous for the snow covered mountain.

What is the Swat valley is Called?

Swat valley is called Switzerland of Pakistan.

Which is the biggest town in Swat valley?
Mingora is the biggest town in Swat valley.

How to get Swat  Valley form Islamabad?

You take the route of Mardan motor way.

What is the famous food of Swat valley?
Rice Haleem, Chapli Kebab, Tika and Mutton
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