Shinkari Valley - Land of splendours

 Shinkari Valley - Land of splendours

Shinkari valley

Shinkiari is surrounded by hills and is located at an elevation of about 1,050 meters (3,445 feet) above sea level.

High faculties in every authorities and they have personal sectors, APS (navy) also includes in it. The University of Hazara is situated 10 Kilometer far from Shinkari town.

The main direction passing is Karakoram Highway, through metropolis of Shinkari. In the Capital the road results Federally Administered Northern Ares at Gilgit, to China path is historical Silk Highway.

The way is very beautiful. On that road, you observing waterfall and stream one after the other, road is bit tough not to dangerous but tough.


Further one hour this calm road in the forest, passing thru the waterstream and fall you stepped on the lush greenland of Shinkari.

Shinkari Valley - Land of splendours imageland of beauty

How to reach Shinkari valley?

Shinkari hurt

This is awesome place, most of the local people come here for the enjoyment. The path that led us here was amazing. If i talk about Shogran, we travelled to the top of mountain but, there is no water throughout i mean, there was no water stream, no water fall.

But while when you travel to this place you came across many beautiful waterfalls, water and river flowing contiously during the track.

The water coming from Makra peak, the waterfalls falling from Makra peak soon combine to make the sort of river and all that water drains into Kunhar river finally.

From this aspects, the whole travel was very beautiful and when you reach on the top then you find beautiful meadows.

Shinkari Valley - Land of splendours imageShinkari valley green meadows

Makra peak

The Makra peak view will be visible from the top there. Approximately it take 10 mint to reach there, and when you travelled so much, can't miss being there. The month of snow falling in this place November. The best time to visit this place April to October. This place is a piece of heaven.


The weather of shinkari is very amazing. The normal temperatures is 22 to 25. When you come here you must have a 4*4 jeep and good driver. Because the road of Shinkari is little bit tough. Shinkiari has a close subtropical climate, with hot summers season and cool winters.

Shinkiari weather can vary also depending on the time of year, it tend to be comfortable and enjoyable Whenever if you come to Shinkari you must check first weather.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Shinkari April to July. Because in the middle of Shinkari valley the weather is very enjoyable. The average temperature of Shinkari is excessively. . Considering humidity, temperatures is cool for about half of the year and otherwise nice with a low chance of rain most of the year. The place is somewhat temperate — in the 44th percentile for good weather — compared to visitors place worldwide.

Hotel in Shinkari

Mawa Hotel

D-Cozy Resorts

Siran Lodges Mansehra

Best tourist place

 There are also many foreign tourist attractions near Shinkiari, as well as the beautiful Saiful Muluk Lake, which is situated about 70 kilometers (43 miles) from the town, and the Naran Valley, which is known for its stunning scenery and hiking trails.

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