Shaikhdara - Landmark and Historical Place

 Shaikhdara - Landmark and Historical Place


Shaikhdara is very popular Union Council Dubair Bala, which is located in Lower Kohistan District of KPK. The meaning of Shaikhdara is "the valley of islamic scholars".

Step into the charming world of Shaikhdare, a place overflow with culture and legacy. Located among beautiful landscapes this vibrant area seamlessly put together tradition and modernity.

Explore the towering amazing landmarks that synchronize easily with marvels. Dip yourself in the warmth of our welcoming wonderful community give way to in our mouthwatering cooking and partake in a too much of festivities.

Rumber valley......

From tales, to cutting edge change Shaikhdare present an array of experiences that will leave you amazing mesmerized.

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How to reach Shaikhdara?

map of Shaikhdara

Shaikhdara Sub Localities

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According to 2012 the Population of Shaikhdara is approximately 2,500 of which 40% share is from Peeranokilay. Dubair major tribe are Mulakhel, SoyaKhel, Saadat, Gotharkhel, Shaadat, Gotharkhel, Shahbazkhel, Shadumkhel, Tirrima, Paalaskhel, and Shaikhdarwal.

Further more Shaikhdarwal tribe is divided into 5 group Shareef, zaadgan, Sadeeq zaadgan, Muhammad Mir zaadgan. The 3 generation of Shaikhdarawal and Paalaskhel live together. And the population is 650/km2 (1,700/sq mi).

Language Shaikhdara

The most spoken language Dardic language Indus Kohistani Maiya. This language is similar to Torwali language.

Typography of Shaikhdara

Shaikhdara - Landmark and Historical Place image


The culture of Shaikhdara is a hanging of earliest traditions, diverse customs, and a rich  legacy that has been take care of over centuries.

Situated in a valley surrounded by peak mountains, the different geographical setting has played a serious role in form the cultural identity of this attractive area.

Shaikhdara' s cooking delights are a reflection of the area wealthy agricultural produce and cultural effect. 

Shaikhdara traditional dishes frequently feature locally sourced ingredients, as well as grains, different vegetables, and dairy products. The people of Shaikhdare dependent on, agriculture.

Elevation of Shaikhdara

Longitude: 72.9401509

Latitude: 35.1436064

Elevation: 2342m / 7684feet

Barometric Pressure: 76KPa

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