Rumber : Jewel in the palace

 Rumber valley : Jewel in the palace

 Rumber valley

Rumber valley is the third valley of Kalasha valley situated Chitral , Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PakistanRumbur valley is one of the three kalasha valleys and my personal favourite too . Reason being it has less tourist and a very peaceful place in the very heart of Hindukush .

From Chitral you can reach here in about 2 hours but please keep it in mind that road is very bumpy .A beautiful valley, lovely and hospitable people, only recommended to foreign tourists not for Pakistani tourists, due to lack of good hotels and restaurants.

 The guest houses are run by Kalash people and they are basic, but a very peaceful valley, far from the hustle and bustle of the worlds, life seems stopped here at some point.

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How to reach Rumber Valley?

Kalash valley map

If any come to rumber, without festival what are the other thing?

Tourist will come here, first they find love. People give respect. The main role in this valley, when you come here you see nature closely, traditional house, worship places. There is buffer zone of world life, they can see tourist, and also hiking opportunity, trekking opportunity's, sheikh culture community. The best thing when you go to rumber festival place, you easily see open presentation like worship place, dancing festival, temple, maternity home and whole valley, wild mountain's. You can one go to visit whole valley. Panjkora river....


Now in Rumber here small hotel have been built. They are like that if you come to rumber, the hotel in depend on 3 - 4 rooms. 

Rumber  : Jewel in the palace image

In the front of Fournier hotel, the rumber village and the river flows. Every year tourist come here, to see the culture of Rumber. In rumber the weather is very amazing, suddenly weather change. The people of rumber valley, is very friendly.


Chilam Joshi Festival

Chilam Joshi Festival is also called spring harvest festival. The reason is that, you called spring harvest festival, because it is celebrated in the season of summer close to  May in each year.

The  festival is only 4 to 6 days. The starting point of this festival is rumber valley.  The people of whole valley, is first gather at main place of this valley and then the celebration moving start two other valleys.

In two valley's  Bumburet valley and Birir valleys of Kalash is included. The main event which is celebrated through this festival is the prayer of the Kalash people to Almighty Allah to protect their crops. 

This festival is called thanks giving festival. In this festival people wear traditional dresses and the one another beauty of this valley is, young boy and girl come in this festival  for choosing their life partner.

Ushu Festival

The second festival is ushu  festival, The ushu festival is celebrated in August. The date of this festival is 20 August, they celebrate this festival.

 The people of Kalash valley said, the festival that depicts the original culture of the Kalash valley. In this festival people offer prayer to Almighty of Allah. They people happy, the marvel of the nature they have found in the kalash valley. 

The special purification activities are performed the festival. The women and girl of Kalash valley perform a dance in circle. The girl dance drum beat and they sing some special song in our language. 

Choimus Festival

Choimus festival they celebrate in winter season of Kalash valley. Every new year they celebrate this festival. The main purpose of this, festival is to Almighty Allah.

 In this festival, the people in groups chase the foxes and  the people think this is good sign of started new year. At late-night the people gather at one place, make dance, and fun, they also served with night dinner.

Biramor Festival

This festival is rare and majority of local people take this festival optional. From December to November in winter, this festival is celebrated. In festival people also make gathering, also wear new traditional dresses, make dance, and enjoy the night dinner.

Pul Festival

This is another amazing and attractive festival which is celebrated by the kalash People. This festival the kalasha people arrange in the autumn season, in late September or in early in October months. This event is historical festival of Kalasha people, the celebrate this festival in best way of enjoying.


What is kalash is famous for?

The kalash is famous for colorful culture.

What is the religious of the Kalash tribe?

The religious of the kalash tribe is Hinduism.

What language do Kalash speak?

Kalasha is language of Kalash speak.

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