Panjkora River - Northern Pakistan

 Panjkora - Northern Pakistan


.In the north-west province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in Pakistan the Panjkora river is located. The mountainous northern part of the province this river runs and forms the kumrat valley. Panjkora is also called small kumrat valley. It passes from Dir, Timergara, and joins with Swat River at Chakdara. It is generally characterized by having soak slopes on either side of the riverbank covered in thick forests.

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How to reach Panjkora?



The major tributaries of the Panjkora river are Rivers Dir, Barawal, Kohistan, and Usherai. The water flow occurs year-round, During the monsoon Season (June-September) the water levels Drastically Rise. 

The amounts of water is large can found during this time in the Panjkora river with huge amounts at the months of the tributaries. This water flow is very powerful causing floods throughout the area.


Bioaccumulation is the main environmental go into currently occurring in the river Panjkora. Bioaccumulation occurs when a type absorbs substances more faster than it expels them.

This often has increased effects on predators higher up the food chain which can also  affect humans who digest these organisms. Panjkora river faces increases in dangerous metal accumulation in fish type.

Best time to visit Panjkora valley

The best time to visit Panjkora Valley in the middle of  spring and autumn seasons. The spring season march to may is the best time, because  March to May weather is enjoyable and the valley is adorned with blooming flowers.

And the autumn September to November is excellent time to visit Panjkora valley. Because these months the weather remains cool, and the landscape displays attractive colors as the leaves change.

Both spring and autumn season  offer reliable weather conditions for outdoor activities, sightseeing, and trekking in the surrounding places.

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The Panjkora River is the natural habitat of trout and other freshwater fish look for by fisher, the most usual species are cyprinids. Snowtrout  is most common game fish in the upper side of River Panjkora at Kumrat Valley.


Where is Panjkora river located?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in north west pakistan.

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