Palas - northern pakistan

 Palas - northern pakistan

Palas Valley

Palas valley is a glouris place, blessed with thick forests, twinkling lakes and beautiful green ground. Palas is a Tehsil (sub division) in Kolai-Palas district in Hazara Division.

The green land of Ledi, Morro and Palas belong to the tribes of Palas valley and Allai valley. Allai valley is in the East side of the Palas valley.

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How to reach Palas?

The route of this started from Besham, Mansehra. When you travel 15 minute, you reach Dobair Bazar, a settlement alongside KKH. Going 25 kilometres further you will reach to Pattan village. By crossing a bridge over Indus River, you will find a 4*4 jeep track leading to meadows of Morro, Palas valley and Ledi.


The culture of Palas Valley is a arras woven with the threads of tradition, history, and a deep favour for nature.  The man feature of Palas Valley's, the culture is its strong connection to the areas.

 The locals people  of this valley, good in  hospitality, have preserved their lineal ties to the environment, passing down age-old practices that promote sustainability and respect for Mother Nature. 


The way of life this valley, the people depend on agriculture, and the traditional farming methods of this valley are still love

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Flora and Fauna

Palas Valley is famous for its lively large forests, especially during the spring season when these beautiful flowers bloom in a different of colors, the color of flower is mostly is pink and red to white and purple.

The valley is grace with charming alpine green land that showcase a selection of wildflowers, as well as primroses, daisies, asters, and different other type's of species, creating a picturesque carpet of colors.

Dense coniferous forests grace the higher altitudes of Palas Valley. You'll also find in this different type's species of fir, pine, and spruce trees, contributing to the valley's green canopy.

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What is the population of Kolai Palas?

The population of Kolai Palas is 275,461.

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