Miranzai Valley :Discovering Miranzai Valley's Untouched Wilderness

 Miranzai Valley :Discovering Miranzai Valley's Untouched Wilderness

Miranzai Valley

The Miranzai Valley, also Hango, is a mountainous valley situated in the Kohat and Hango districts in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

This valley is consist two part that flow into different rivers: the kurram in located southwest side and the Kohat is northwest side. Upper and lower Miranzai is two part of Miranzai.

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How to reach Miranzai/Hango?



Miranzai Valley, also known as Hangu, has a culture deeply fixed in  our tradition, showcasing the diverse estate of its people. 

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The majority people is  Pashtun, and their language is Pashto, and there  way of life are very simple.
They also wear kameez shalwar.


In Hangu, or Miranzai Valley, the weather follows a continental pattern. The summer season Miranzai valley is hot and the temperature is high. 

The winter season is best for outing, because some time snow on the peak of mountain.  The climate is generally is good all year, but the changing in  weather may occur from time to time. check the weather...

Miranzai Valley :Discovering Miranzai Valley's Untouched Wilderness image


Camping in Hangu, also known as Miranzai Valley, is a beautiful experience for nature lovers and adventure visitors. The valley's attractive landscapes offer the perfect scene for camping and getting  very close to nature. 

You must select the camp to under the  beautiful twinkling stars, surrounded by peaceful peak mountains, or near the beautiful green fields.

Waking up to the attractive sounds of nature, and easily breathing in the fresh hill air makes camping in Hangu is attractive, and refreshing escape from busy city life.

Remember to be mindful of the wonder full environment and must follow the local  people guidelines to maintain the natural beauty of this  charmful valley.

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