Kurram District Parachinar | Beautiful Place

 Kurram District: Beautiful Place 

Khurram District

Kurram District is just like a beak of a bird and is connected with three provinces of Afghanistan named as Khost, Paktia and Nangarhar (Tora bora).Kurram District is located in the FATA and its major tribes are Bangash, Turi, Orakzai, ParaChamkani, Mangal, Alisherzai, Mobil, Khuaidadkhel and Masozai.

In Lower Kurram District, Saddar is a scenic place where tribes such as the Bangash reside and Sadda has natural richness depended upon hills and mountain with evergreen forests and fields for growing crops like rice,Beans and wheat.

The Kurram River drains the southern flanks of the Safed Koh hills range, and enters the Indus plains north side of Bannu. It flows west to east and crosses the Paktia Province Afghan-Pakistan border at about 80 km southwest of Jalalabad, and joins the Indus near Isa Khel after a course of more than 320 km (200 mi). Kurram valley is very beautiful valley for the tourist. If you interested in traveling so must visit this valley. The mountain of this valley is very attractive and charmful.

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How to reach Kurram valley?


The District is dominated by rural characteristics and people prefer to live in a combine
family system. People of Kurram are very hospitable and Hujra has been an integral
part of the social life in Kurram District. People cast of to sit in Hujra to share their sight
and spend their leisure time. But urbanization has diminished its role and now the
traditional significance of Hujra has subsided to a large extent. Now the Hujra tradition
has been replaced with Behtak (a kind of drawing room) system.

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Kurram District Parachinar Geography

Kurram district is mostly hilly and mountainous. The Sufaid Koh hills forms the territorial boundary in the middle Kurram District and Afghanistan. The other famous hills are the Sur-Ghar and Spin-Ghar mountains, which used to be dense with forests, but now there is limited forest cover in these hills.

The notable valleys and streams in the district as well as: Peiwar, Shalozan, Shian, Zeran, and Daradar. The other important feature is the Kurram valley. The valley is well irrigated, highly populated, and crowded with little fortified villages, orchards and groves, with dark pine forests and alpine snows of the Sufaid Koh Range.

After that the valley opens up into the Parachinar Plateau, which is a large oval shaped plain sloping towards southeast. The major river is the Kurram River, which extends into the Khurmana and he Kirman rivers that are prone to violent flooding.

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Educational Institutions

We can’t single out a single country which has progressed without education. Academic intuitions are established to spread education but unfortunately number of schools are very limited and especially there is lack of schools giving higher education. Schools and colleges made so far in kurram are not that advanced in terms of providing quality education. As a
result, the district is lagging far behind in terms of education while on other hand; it also paves way for interested people to start private school or college in the district.


The total cultivable area of the district is 338.06 hectares out of which only 26.90 is cultivated so far, while the uncultivated area is 311.16 hectares. Land under irrigation is around 15.42 hectares and un-irrigated area is over 58 hectares. Total cropped area of the district is 15.79 Hectares while total forest area of the district is 13.12 hectares. In the Kurram District there is present a lot of potential for developing agriculture, but due to lack of awareness regarding its importance the sector has remained under developed.

Kurram District Parachinar | Beautiful Place  image
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