Konsh Valley: Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of Konsh Valley

 Konsh Valley: Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of Konsh Valley

Konsh Valley

 Konsh valley is located in KPK province of Pakistan Mansehra district, northern side of border.
The administrative centre of the valley is thought to be in the town of Battal. 

The 2005 earthquake in Kashmir badly devastated local buildings and towns like Battal. Like many other locations in the district, Konsh Valley in northwest Mansehra sustained significant damage.

Nevertheless, in comparison to the other Mansehra valleys that are afflicted, it has not gotten enough attention. The overall area of Konsh Valley is 23500 hectares. From 1067 metres at Ichhrian to 2911 metres at Bahishti Sar, the height changes.

More over 76,000 people live in the valley, divided into three primary groups: Sayyed, Sawati, and Gujars.

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How to reach konsh valley?


Konsh Valley is amazing place for the tourists. Its stunning geography like high mountains, fresh water rivers, and green large forests, creating a beautiful mesmerizing put together of natural beauty. 

This valley is embrace of Konsh Hill Range, the valley enjoys isolation, which also adds to its secluded charm and beauty,

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Remote Haven

Konsh Valley is located in a remote corner of a lesser-known nation, this valley is away from busy city life's and tourist traps.

This separation has protect its natural beauty and natural charm, makes shelter for those people in search of an off-the-beaten-path experience.

For those tourist who start the journey toward this valley, they have to go through rough roads. But this valley full of adventure. Its lush green mountain, attractive visitors.

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Flora and Fauna

In this valley the beautiful ecosystems also support a board formation plant and animal species. In the Konsh Valley, there are golden and imperial species that have found a secure home where humans don't disturb them

Birdwatchers will charm in see colorful floating species, as well as cagey mountain eagles and musical songbirds. The sound of bird is very attractive and charmful.

The biodiversity in Konsh Valley is amazingly various, making it a perfect haven for people who love nature and wildlife

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Apart from its natural richness, Konsh Valley is also relish in cultural estate. People here have settled, it for a long time and their traditions and customs continue to develop. . For those people's who go there for sightseeing, the people of konsh valley good in hospitality, and do talk well with our tourist or visitors. The weather of this very well, and enjoyable.

Best time to visit konsh valley

April to September months are best time to visit this valley. Between these months the weather is comfortable, and the range of weather is normal.

The valley is full of attractive colorful flowers, and lush greenery, and fresh water stream, creating these all thing mesmerizing view for tourists. It's important thing about konsh valley's the weather is unpredictable, especially in the high mountains.

Tourist must prepared for sudden changes in weather and also carry clothing and gear those who need.

Thing to do Konsh valley


Trekking and climbing

Flora and Fauna


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