Broghil Valley :Exploring the Untouched Paradise of Northern Pakistan

 Broghil Valley :Exploring the Untouched Paradise of Northern Pakistan 

Broghil Valley

In K-P's Chitral district, in an isolated mountainous region, is where you'll find the Broghil Valley. It is a little valley that is about 250 kilometres from Chitral. In its northeastern and northwestern portions, the valley borders Gilgit-Baltistan and Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor, respectively.

The Karomber Pass, which separates the Broghil Valley from the Ishkoman Valley, marks the northernmost point of the valley. At the Karomber pass is where you'll also find the well-known Karomber Lake.

It is covered in the stunning Chiantar Glacier. In addition, Karomber Lake is home to a diverse range of aquatic species.

The valley is located at an altitude of 3,280 feet, thus the climate there is rather severe, particularly during the winter. Amazing rivers, lakes, marshes, glaciers, mountains, meadows, and wildlife may be found in the Broghil Valley.

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Broghil Valley life

Even though the valley is so stunning, it is frequently considered to as a piece of heaven on Earth, life in Broghil is everything from simple. The area gets extremely harsh winter weather, resulting in annual snowfall of 5 to 6 feet. In this valley the big problem of transmission in winter.

Residents of the valley travel to Chitral before winter arrives to sell their yaks, which are their only source of income, in order to buy household goods for the five months they will be stuck in the valley.

In contrast to the past, when the valley used to be exceedingly remote and had no access to even the necessities of life, Amin Jan Tajik, the Nazim of Broghil Valley, noted that there has been some change over the years. Currently, a few people have begun opening stores in the valley that stock a variety of things to survive the duration of the winter.
"Residents take their yaks both to Chitral and Ishkoman area of Gilgit-Baltistan to sell them, where a large number of buyers show up," Tajik said. Yak meat is quite well-known in Chitral and costs Rs380 per kilogram.

According to Tajik, yak meat is appreciated in the area because, in contrast to other domesticated animals that are kept in a corral, yaks are allowed to forage in the wild throughout the winter, making their meat appetizing and delectable.

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Broghil Festival

Due to its seasonal climate, summer is the ideal time to explore the valley, especially in July when the annual Broghil Festival is held, a little-known celebration.

However, steps are being launched to make it a regular event, similar to the Shandur Polo Festival, in order to draw more local and foreign tourists to this undiscovered, historic location.

Similar to the Shandur Festival, we hope to hold the Broghil Festival on a grand scale each year so that it will draw attention from throughout the world.

He stated that the festival would feature competitions including tug of war, horse race, donkey race, horse race, and free-style polo. Visitors will also be able to enjoy listening to traditional Wakhani music at the event.

Yak polo and the yak race are unique events that should be highlighted during the celebration. The reality that all of these pursuit take place 13,000 feet above sea level adds to how special the experience is.

Without a certain, the Broghil Valley is close to nature, and once people have visited it to escape the heat, they will want to return. We will also invite individuals from numerous walks of life to the hilltop so they can like horseback riding, jeep rides, or walking over the beautiful  forest to get to the event location.

He continued by saying that a sizable contingent of overseas visitors also visited the Shandur Festival this year. Locals believe that the regime should do more to assist tourist and make sure that the roads are reconstructed so that they don't encounter any issue.

"This year's Shandur Festival enthralled the tourists who attended. It might be the Broghil Valley Festival the next year. Once they see the splendor of the celebration, they will undoubtedly return.

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Tourist destination point

The Broghil Valley is a fantastic tourist location. You can feel overwhelmed by the tranquil atmosphere and alluring beauty. Hotels like Lake View Hotel and Ghizer Blossom Inn Hotel are options if you're thinking about visiting Broghil Valley. Your vacations could be enhanced by the Broghil Valley's beautiful splendor. Soon, pay a visit to the lovely valley and make some unforgettable recollections.

Broghil Valley :Exploring the Untouched Paradise of Northern Pakistan  image

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