Beautiful land-Nomal valley | Hotels in Gilgit Baltistan

 Beautiful land-Nomal valley | Hotels in Gilgit Baltistan

Nomal valley

Nomal valley  is a small valley located at a distance of 25 km north of Gilgit city in the Gilgit District, in northern Pakistan. The valley is also join with Nalter Bala and Nalter Pain through a metaled road.

The most spoken language in Shina and Brushaski and all inhabitants of the valley are adherents of Islam.

Are you a nature fanatic glance for an off-the-beaten-path place? Look no further than Nomal Valley, a picturesque paradise tucked away in a remote corner of the world.

This article will take you on a journey through the captivating landscapes, rich biodiversity, and cultural heritage of Nomal Valley. Let's dive in and discover the wonders that await. This place really very amazing place.

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Since the times of Rajas (in Shina means Rahs) the valley is split into mohallahs or sectors. The sectors are: Sigal, Majini, Jigot, Batot, Kamalabad, Ishphis, Momin Abad, Sadaruddinabad, Das and Khaltarot.

 The Nalter River flows through the northern side of the valley, the river eventually combines with the Hunza River, which likewise provides water to the entire valley.

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Reach to Nomal valley

Nomal in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan is a town in Pakistan - some 178 mi or ( 286 km ) North-East of Islamabad , the country's capital city . It take 11 hours and 28 minute. Once you reach at the nearest town or city, you can utilize local transportation options to reach Nomal Valley. 

Shared taxis or  might be available, although their frequency and reliability can vary. It is recommended to inquire about the schedules and routes beforehand, as well as confirm the drop-off point in Nomal Valley.

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Hiking and Trekking

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Nomal Valley, a mystical haven that beckons avid hikers and intrepid trekkers alike with its unparalleled allure and awe-inspiring vistas. 

Nestled amidst towering sentinels of nature, verdant valleys cascading with life, meandering rivers that carve their way through the land, glistening lakes reflecting the heavens above, and a tapestry of breathtaking natural wonders, this extraordinary destination promises an adventure like no other.

Nomal high area is tormoi. Tormio is a name place in a Nomal valley. Gilgit city to nomal valley the total distance 27 kilometer. 

Prepare to travel through the Nomal Valley's Centre on an incredible voyage, where a maze of hiking and trekking routes awaits your daring discovery. we have painstakingly chosen a variety of exceptional routes that travel the very core of this mysterious area, whether you wish for a brief vacation or crave an immersing tour lasting several days. 

Despite the fact that these hand-selected suggestions only scratch the surface of what Nomal Valley has to offer, each trail has been carefully chosen to capture the grandeur and enduring attraction that characterize this unique world.

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 Nomal Valley Culture

Nomal valley, a hidden gem nestled amidst wonderful natural landscapes, is a treasure trove of a rich and vibrant cultural heritage that has withstood the test of time. The valley is home to a diverse fabric of communities, each protect their unique history, customs, and beliefs, creating a captivating checker of cultural experiences. Let's delve into the charm culture that thrives in Nomal valley:

1. A Tapestry of ethnic diversity:  Nomal valley is a melting pot of diverse ethnic groups, each with its distinct traditions, languages, and customs. from the Balti, Shina, and Burusho communities to others, this ethnic diversity adds depth to the cultural fabric of the valley, offering visitors a remarkable opportunity to immerse themselves in different ways of life.

2. Proud Display of traditional attire: The locals of nomal valley proudly adorn themselves in traditional attire, which serves as a vibrant expression of their cultural birthright. sparkling colors, intricate embroidery, and handwoven fabrics adorn their clothing, with embroidered shawls, caps, and other accepted garments showcasing the remarkable work and identity of the local communities.

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