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 Shimshal valley Where Serenity Meets Adventure

Shimshal valley

The Shimshal valley, which has a total population of 2000 people, is the most distant valley in Gilgit Baltistan. It is located at an altitude of 3,100 metres, assembly it the Peak human settlement in the place.

It is 4 hours away from Hunza Valley, and the trip there includes one of the world's most treacherous dirt roads, which is only fit for experienced drivers.

Shimshal is a popular destination for mountaineers and other tourists seeking to unwind in the tranquilly of nature because it is home to high peaks like Dastaghil Sar, which rises to a height of 7885 metres, Mulungutti Glacier, Shimshal Whithorn, and Shimshal Lake.

Shigar valley

The Shimshal Valley remained unreachable by car highways for many years until October 2003. A joint effort to build a road connecting the valley with the Karakoram Highway was launched in conjunction with the inhabitants in 1985. The 56 km long road, which has the power to deflate many egos, was built over the course of 18 years of united labor.

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Weather condition:

In Shimshal Valley, the weather is commonly very cold; the winters are particularly severe. The temperature is at night time is -27 degree and the day time -7 degrees.

Since the road is usually sheltered in snow, If you want to go shimshal valley the best time is May to August because at that time the weather is very amazing.

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Reach to Shimshal valley

After the Batura glacier, the Karakoram Highway leads to the Hunza Valley, where a very dangerous yet thrilling jeep ride on a non-metallic road leads to the Shimshal valley. The road of Shimshal valley is very dangerous.

Due to its isolated position, only a few jeeps travel to Passu each day, departing from Aliabad, but passengers may board at any stop along the trip.

Although the vehicle trip must be quiet in advance, it can be booked on-site, subject to availability.

Most tourist from outside Pakistan need a permit to enter the valley; their travel agents or guides can assist them in getting those.

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Thing to do shimshal valley

Shimshal Valley's most well-known allure are trekking and yak safaris. The main activity in the place is the Shimshal Pass Trek, which offers a stunning sight of the high grassland of the Valley, as well as Minglik Sar, a height that rises to a height of 6000 metres, and Shimshal Lake, a beautiful lake with thin grass on one side and thick grass on the other. Height in Shimshal Valley have also been used as a training field by aspiring mountaineers.

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  • Destaghil Sar – 7885 meters  

  • Kunju Sar – 7790 meters

  • Trivor – 7577 meters

  • Chhish – 7492 meters

  • YukshinGardan Sar – 7530 meters

  • Momhil Sar – 7343 meters

  • Malungutti Sar – 7207 meters

  • Shimshal Whitehorn – 6303 meters

  • Minglik Sar – 6150 meters

  • Lupghar Sar – 7200 meters

  • Yazghil Sar – 6000 meters

Hospitality of the People and Culture:

The majority of the residents of Shimshal Valley speak Wakhi and are Ismaili. Shimshal is to Pakistan what Sherpas are to Nepal since this valley has given birth to some of the top climbers in the nation, including Samina Baig, the first Pakistani woman to summit Mount Everest and the Seven Summits.

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