Amazing Place Yasin valley-Hotel in Gilgit Baltistan

 Amazing Place Yasin valley-Hotel in Gilgit Baltistan

Yasin Valley

Yasin valley is situated at a distance of 148 KM from the main city of Gilgit, north side, lies the peak hills valley of Yasin also known as Baba-i-Yasin or Worshigum. It is a secret gem of natural beauty and beautiful culture that is just waiting to be discovered by visitors.

It is both a spot of recreational and strategic importance because its join  Yarkhun Valley to Broghil Pass in Chitral that connects to the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Yasin Valley add up to Yasin Tehsil that further contains some small and large villages. Broadly, it is a piece of Gupis-Yasin District in the area of Gilgit Baltistan.

The valley in our beautiful Pakistan offers many picturesque scenes that are adorned with historical epics of valor, battles, and conquests – something that makes Yasin Valley particularly a area of interest. Tourist come to enjoying your life and adventure.

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Yasin Valley history

Yasin valley, historically, was ruled under the Katoor bloodline of Chitral. They battled valiantly against the Sikhs and Dogras and were known as the Mehtars. As their disagreements intensified, the British eventually took over the valley, and Yasin joined the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Several notable people belonged to Yasin Valley as well as Gohar Aman, a warrior who fought against the oppressors and invaders while conquering the neighboring small nations. Another name is Havaldar Lalak Jan (Shaheed) who won the “Nishan e Haider” – the highest military award of Pakistan.

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Weather of Yasin valley

Yasin valley is typically cold, the winters are particularly harsh with temperatures falling to -15 Degrees at the night. The days are usually sunny that makes it pleasant during the day.

If you want to go Yasin Valley the best time to visit Yasin Valley is from May to September when the valley offers glistening lakes, soothing greenland, and mountain cover with snow to uplift your mood.

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How to reach there:

If you go to Yasin, one can fly from Islamabad to Gilgit, stay a night there and then travel to Yasin. 
A 4x4 jeep is advised for the smooth but tight route from Gilgit to Yasin that follows the river.

The other route is via Chitral. A worthwhile experience is a jeep safari that passes via Shandur, the highest polo field in the world, Phander Valley, Khalti Lake, and finally Yasin.

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Thing to do Yasin valley

 The most popular and attractions of the valley is the place Darkut, it is where Gilgit join with Chitral via Boroghil valley through Darkut pass.

The opportunities to explore Yasin valley

  • Shah Jenali – Thoi Trek
  • Asumbar – Ishkoman Trek
  • Darkut – Brogjol Trek                                   


The spring festival is tukhum Rezi. Brurushaki and Khowars are the spoken languages of the region, however, Urdu is widely understood as well. In this festival people come and do dance. Tukhum Rezi festival is only two days.

Sustainable tourism

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable tourism, Yasin Valley stands as a model for responsible travel.

The current people  have taken initiatives to protect the valley's natural resources and preserve its good ecosystem. Travelers are cheer to respect the environment, support local businesses, and engage in eco-friendly practices during their visit, ensuring that future generations can also relish the beauty of Yasin Valley. 

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