The beauty of jhelum valley |Azad kashmir-the land of beauty

 The beauty of jhelum valley |Azad kashmir-the land of beauty

Jhelum Valley

Jhelum Valley is a valley in the Hattian Bal a district of Azad Kashmir that is 31 miles (59 km) long and situated along the Jhelum River. Hattian Bala serves as the district's administrative center. 132522 people make up the region's whole population.

 It is also one of Kashmir's best famous visitor places thanks to the forested valleys and streams that run alongside the mountains. Many visitor flocks to the place because of its natural beauty and well-known tourist attractions. The article has all the details, as well as the location of the Jhelum Valley.

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Azad kashmir the land of beauty

Jhelum Valley Location

Jhelum Valley Azad Kashmir is situated across the river Jhelum from Chokothi to Muzaffarabad. The total distance is a 59-kilometer-long road along the river that attach these 2 portions. The coordinates of the valley are 34.1691 in the north and 73.7432 in the east.

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The location of jhelum valley


According to the 2017 census of Pakistan, the complete population of the place holds 132522 inhabitants.

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population of jhelum valley


 Both locals and tourists can access transport in Jhelum Valley. The valley is made up of narrow roads that clearly depict the distances and challenges of moving from one place to another. For the benefit of both citizens of the place and visitors, the management of the valley continually developed this system. To decrease the rate of accidents and to cross the river faster, district management is building new roads and bridges. Government management of the transport systems has been excellent.

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Facilities are available for locals

Although Jhelum Valley is not a big city, it does give all the facilities required for a decent standard of living. There is a market there where locals may shop for all kinds of things. It has healthcare amenities, including a hospital and a pharmacy.

 It has a post office to ensure that mail from residences is delivered to the appropriate locations. The district administration also offers the populace communication tools. The valley has a solid system of education. There are also various hotels available to visitors.

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The attraction for tourists

The Jhelum River is the valley's main draw for visitors. It multiplies by a hundred the splendor of the valley. Visitors are drawn attracted by the lush, alluring, and verdant mountains. 

The valley's view resembles a picture or a painting. The Jhelum Valley is a stunning illustration of God's inventiveness. A stunning landscape view of the valley is provided by the lush mountains.

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