Pathika Valley in Azad Kashmir | Explore the beauty of Pathika valley

Explore the beauty of Pathika valley | Pathika Valley - Best Tour Points

 Pathika valley

Pathika Valley in Azad Kashmir's is well known for its beauty. Azad Kashmir is a hub of multiple valleys that heighten the region's appeal and delicateness. The entire valley is filled with beautiful natural sights and gifts. God gives the location to a person as a gift for worshipping the maker.

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Pathika valley beauty

Location of Pathika Valley?

This valley is situated near Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is a beautiful place and almost 31 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Pathika valley is a division of Muzaffarabad. This valley is also known as the entrance of Neelum valley. It has a highway to link with Dowarian and Kel. This road is used for a safe journey by locators and visitors as well.

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Community in Pathika

The locals engage in various pursuits to help sustain their families. The market for domestic necessities exists. Whether it be cloth or other supermarket goods, that mart has practically everything. A total of these things are readily available. The valley is also referred to as a town or village. In the valley, routine activities take place in the market every day.

Attraction for tourists in the valley

Behind the mart, there is a stream that flows, and the river Neelum that creates a stunning image. The valley and mart are joined by a flyover and one can cross it by light conveyance like motorbike and bicycle. There are lush and fine meadows and pastures all around. The water of brooks and lakes crossed the valley and the view gives an ever-lasting impression.

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Economy of the Pathika valley

The village's residents depend on the market's regular operations. The local community engages in profitable commerce in the Middle Eastern nations.  They searched for the finest means of support for their family. They favor small-scale activities in the valley, such as negotiating, hardwood, and well-established businesses beyond the valley

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Some of the settlements in Pathika Valley include Changalkalar, Machiara, Madar, Bhari, and Kahori. The valley's current populations are from a variety of castes, including Khan Mughal, Awans, Mir, Kayani, etc. Under the direction of the forest department and international subsidies for the environment, the district management built a small zoo. For the management agents, some inns and motels are also built. They take excellent care of the vegetation and wildlife. To enhance the beauty of the valley, they also intended to build national reservations.

Challenges and Disparities in a Wealthy Town with Limited Industries

A few years ago, the Federal Minister of Power and Water, Government of Pakistan, ordered the construction of a hydroelectric station over a perennial nullah in this area, which is actually a small branch of the Pathika River. Despite its simplicity, the quality of life here is emotional. Verdure may be to blame. It is a wealthy town in terms of money. Most villagers run successful businesses abroad, particularly in nations in the Middle East. On the strength of remittances from overseas, the area is home to a number of Pakistani scheduled banks. But despite filling up coffers, there are no industries in the town.

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Accessible Road and Commercial Center: Gateway to the Valley

An all-weather road that is metaled up to Kundal Shahi and well-maintained up to Kel leads to the valley. A large town called Pathika with a dependable commercial center is located at the entrance to the Valley. Pathika may serve as the traveler's first rest stop. There is a little bazaar in this town that is active every day. The bazaar, which supplies a sizable number of villages in the back, has access to all necessities. Running' down its back is the river Neelum, which emits forth. A suspension bridge connecting the village and bazaar can only be crossed by jeep. With the replacement of the outdated bridge with an RCC structure, high traffic will be supported.

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