Moola Valley (Chotok) | A hidden paradise of Balochistan

 Moola Valley (Chotok) | A hidden paradise of Balochistan

Moola Valley

Moola is called closest valley and the meaning of Chotok is “falling water” in the Brahui and Balochi language. It is a beautiful and attractive region for the tourist. The area is well renowned for its towering cliffs, which hide a thundering waterfall in the center.

 In the middle of the cliffs, the Moola River, which manages throughout the year and is the origin of the waterfalls, flows through the Moola Valley. In addition, there are numerous salt mines, Peak mountains, and lakes in this area. Moola Chotok's vicinity is normally quiet and far away.

Although Moola Chotok is the area's largest waterfall, Chota Chotok, a smaller waterfall nearby, is equally well-known for its beauty. The Chota Chotok waterfalls are actually a collection of smaller falls with little wading pool and lush environs.

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Hidden paradise of Balochistan

Reach to Moola Chowk

The Khuzdar district's central ravine is located 106 kilometers or so northeast of Khuzdar, a city in the Kirthar hills. It takes about 8 to 10 hours to drive to Karachi.

The walk to the waterfalls is lined with a variety of crops, as well as mango, lemon, orange, and olive, so you may enjoy the scenery way. To be able to travel on the heavy off-road way, you will require to price one of the 4x4s that are offered there once you get there.

You will see more Greenland, beautiful mountains, and crystal-clear rivers, climb some minor hills, and from time to time encounter rocky terrain after around six hours of off-roading.

From Moola Chotok to Chota Chotok, the trip takes an extra two hours. Only locals may take you to the lesser-known waterfall because it needs hiking and hill climbing to get there.

 The nearby, lush green pastures and crystal-clear river add to the magnificent waterfall's allure.

The waterfall is nearby perfectly textured mountains and looks stunning.

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Things to do in Moola Chotok

All excursions to Moola Chotok Waterfalls are overnight camping trips with camps set up at a distance from the falls due to the absence of basic lodging facilities. However, there are a lot of different activities to do in Moola Chotok throughout your trip due to the geographical diversity of the area. If you will go to moola valley you enjoy that place.






You can either travel from the camp to the falls and back again, or you can take a two-hour walk to Chota Chotok, which is rarely visited by anybody other than locals.

Set out on an amazing adventure through the alluring Moola Valley scenery. This hidden gem provides a refuge for hikers with its gorgeous mountains, rich vegetation, and gushing waterfalls. Explore the challenging paths, take in the refreshing mountain air, and take in the breathtaking scenery all around you. For nature enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers alike, Moola Valley guarantees a thrilling journey.

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Fishing in the pools, which are stocked with fish, is one of the inhabitants' favorite joys. One of the inhabitants' favorite pastimes is fishing in the water pond in the neighbourhood, which is stocked with fish. If you would require to catch your next dinner on your own, bring your equipment. Anglers can experience calm waterways, plenty of trout, and the possibility to rediscover nature's beauty while fishing in Moola Valley.  If you are interested in fishing so you must go to moola valley because this place is very amazing. Many tourists come to moola valley for camping, fishing etc.

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You can have a cooling plunge in the chilly streams adjacent to the Moola Chotok Waterfalls after your exhausting excursion. After your journey, refresh yourself by swimming in the cool streams and pools close to the Moola Chotok Waterfalls. For all the year, the water is warm and enjoyable, turning cool in the summer and balmy in the winter.  In moola valley, most people and tourists come swimming and enjoy for yourself.

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Here, you may also go camping, a well-liked activity among friends or big groups, complete with a bonfire setup. On your camping trip, you can also love the wonderful scenery at sunrise or sunset. Experience the embrace of nature by going camping in Moola Valley. This gorgeous valley encourages you to unwind beneath the starry sky as it is tucked away in tranquil surroundings. Set up your tent, love some marshmallows over the campfire, and take in the peace and quiet of nature. A relaxing experience and amazing memories are guaranteed when camping in Moola Valley.

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