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 Karambar Lake

The mountains on the northern side of Karambar Lake, which is located in Pakistan's far north, serve as the country of Afghanistan's boundary. Yarkhun Valley is the name of the valley that leads to this region from the major Chitral Valley. It begins at Mastuj and continues until Kishmanja's vicinity. The Broghil Valley, which continues until Karomber Pass, is in front of this. The Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan, which divides Pakistan from the Central Asian countries, runs parallel to both of these sub-valleys, which are both a part of the Chitral Valley. Karomber Lake, which eventually emerges from a chain of lakes and empties its waters towards the Ishkomen side, is technically located in Ishkomen Valley after Karomber Pass. KPK and Ghizer's border is located on Karomber.

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The mountains on the northern side of Karambar Lake, which is located in Pakistan's far north, serve as the country of Afghanistan's boundary


Don't forget to obtain a NOC from DC Chitral and the Chitral Scouts Headquarters in Mastuj if you are planning to visit Karomber Lake.



DC Chitral NOC,

It is easier to obtain a NOC from the DC Chitral Office through a locally licensed tour operator than it is to do it on your own, as they give preference to locals. We Work With Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed Of Hindukash Tops Adventure Pakistan. He obtained his NOC in under two days, and the DC Office in Chitral called to verify. Following that, the decision was in our favor. Not a challenging task.

2: NOC for Chitral Scouts' Head Quarters,

You must physically visit HQ and request authorization for Broghil Valley; if you have a NOC from the DC Office in Chitral, they will provide you their NOC.

So they will ask some question.


Without DC Chitral NOC, you cannot obtain Army NOC, and vice versa for Both. Not a challenging task.

You are not permitted to apply for any passes, even if you are unable to enter Great Britain; otherwise, the GB check post will send you home. Both NOCs will only apply to Karomber Lake.

Karambar Lake Trek:

You can reach Karomber Lake via the following methods:


Two routes to Mastuj: Chitral and Gilgit


Both of these methods lead to Mastuj, the starting point for all ascents along the border region. From Mastuj, the main town, one must take a bumpy jeep trip to Lashkargaz, the second largest town in Broghil. You may reach Karomber Lake after a 2- to 3-day journey from Lashkargaz, which is located roughly 25 kilometers away.


Route#3 in Gilgit, Ishkoman, and Chitti

This route is somewhat less popular but has a few challenging crossings, including the glaciers at Chitti Boi and Shutargardan. Karomber Lake can be reached in 3 days via an almost 45-kilometer trek.


Route #4, Gilgit Ishkomen Chiantar

It is a sub-valley in Ishkomen that connects to the 16,200-foot Chiantar Pass and falls to Broghil on the Chiantar Glacier. There are just 2 known crossings, and not much is known about this pass.


Route#5 in Gilgit Yaseen

In order to travel the most popular route in reverse, one must first climb 7,000 feet above sea level (ASL) from Darkot in the Yaseen Valley side to the Darkot Pass, descend to Broghil, and then return the way they came from Mastuj.

  Route#6 Sost Chilinji

The Pakistani Army has previously closed this road due to security concerns. The walk must begin in the Upper Hunza sub-valley of Chaprusan Valley and must terminate close to Sost on KKH. The hike descends along the Ishkomen-Karomber path after passing via the 17,200-foot Chilinju Pass.

Fishing tips

Best Time to Visit Karambar Lake:

The most good time to visit this place is from June through September. On July 1–4, 2018, we traveled to Karomber Lake (Broghil Valley), where we experienced the best possible weather and color. In this little period, we witnessed clouds playing with foliage, rain, light, and hues.

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If everything goes according to plan and there are no snags, one requires at least 8 days to go from Islamabad to Islamabad. However, other ways have varied time requirements. An 8-day plan would be more prudent and suitable to account for all potential unforeseen circumstances.

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