Explore the Naltar valley beauty and culture

 Explore the Naltar valley beauty and culture

Naltar Valley

Situated 34 km from the main Gilgit Valley and at an elevation of 15,348 ft., Naltar is a valley nestled atop a barren gorge featuring scenic beauty for those who visit. 

This beauty recline away from the hustle and bustle of Gilgit Baltistan’s towns and cities. It is an all-weather destination famous for being a tourist attraction for both summers and winters and providing soothing calm away from the hustle of the mainland. 

To those who visit Naltar in winter, it offers great skiing spots and it is a good place to visit for those who go in summer. It has rich green landscapes and captivating lakes – everybody describes it as a true paradise. 

Nalter Valley is a famous tourist place for one and other locals visitors who come to experience the natural charm and peace of this place.

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Climate and Weather

Nalter Valley is a famous tourist destination for one and other locals tourist who come to experience the natural charm and peace of this place. 

The average climate of Naltar Valley is cold. During summer it reaches a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius whereas in the winter season it can drop down to a freezing –15 degrees Celsius.

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The ride to Naltar starts from Gilgit after leaving the Karakoram Highway, if you are planning a tour, it is assets noting here that vehicles are not recommended for the arduous track that starts after you have left the highway. 

The vehicles that are suitable for the bumpy ride are 4×4 jeeps. However, the journey is worth proceeding with as the charmer that lies beyond is simply spellbinding.

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Do in Naltar

In the months of summer, the lakes act as the main visitor attractions, the track leading to the lakes is a dirt track, again accessible by 4×4 vehicles or trekking. 

The lakes are situated at a distance of 13 km from Naltar Bala (Upper Village) and all through the track glacial streams accompany them. 

At 2 points a wide glacial stream and the river intersect and it requires skillful driving of the local drivers to get the vehicle across. During winters the lakes are not accessible because of heavy snowfall.

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The first lake on the way up is Satrangi Lake (Lake of Seven Colors) or Rainbow Lake or Fish Lake. As the name indicates the lake perfectly reflects various colors, particularly blue, green, and yellow. The beautiful colors that this lake reflects are because of the underwater algae in the lake.

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Pari Lake

The water is still and provides a serene view to those who visit. After, the 2nd lake on the track is Pari Lake and which is around 1 kilometer north of the previous lake and is also bigger than the earlier one. 

Containing bottomless blue water this lake is said to host water from below the surface origin as there are no streams or rivers above.

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Third Lake

The 3rd lake in the valley is not accessible via cars, to reach one has to trek for a duration of 45 to 55 minutes. However, the magnificent Firoza Lake or Bodroko Lake is worth the effort. 

While trekking towards the lake, in 10 minutes, one passes through a plain known as the Maidaan – the surrounding contains rich green grass with streams flowing down on each side and a river in the center, from here one can take in the breathtaking snow-capped peaks.

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For those who like to visit the valley in the winter season, it has the best ski slopes. Operated under the Pakistan Air Force, the Ski Resort is located 40 km from Gilgit and acts as the main facility of the Ski Federation of Pakistan. 

To take the visitors to the top, the government has installed a Ski Chairlift which is 1.5 km in length.

If you like to trek, the trek from Naltar Pass to Ishkoman, the 4600 meters provides a magical view of the whole Hindukush Range.


Each year Naltar Ski Resort in cooperation with the Pakistan Air Force and Winter Sports Union of Pakistan arranges a Winter Sports program. 

The ski center is at an elevation of 10,500 feet.  The celebration attracts members from around the earth in big numbers. The activities are in addition to Skiing as well as Snowboarding and Ice Hockey.

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