Explore the beauty of Shounter valley | Shounter Valley - A Sub Valley of Neelam Valley

 Explore the beauty of Shounter valley | Shounter Valley - A Sub Valley of Neelam Valley

Shounter Valley

Shounter Valley ranges from Kel and is accessible through a jeep trail from Upper Neelum Valley. A few months out of every year see the road remain active. The Shounter Valley, which is accessible via the Shounter Pass, begins at Rattoo, on the rim of the Astore Valley.

 Is the crossing point for the Shounter Pass into the Astore Valley, the base camp for the Sarwali Peak, Chitta Katha Lake, and both? The Shounter Pass rises to a height of over 4,420 meters (14,501 feet) above sea level. Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan are connected by shorter passes totaling 14,500 feet.

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Spoon Lake:

In Shounter Valley, Neelum, AJK, there is a wonderful natural lake with the shape of a spoon. It can be accessed from Kel Bazaar after a three-hour 4WD journey. It is located right beneath Hari Parbat, also known as "The Mountain That Never Surrendered to Anyone." In this entire valley, there are no hotels or nice eateries. Visitors are required to carry camping supplies and supplies for a long or overnight stay. On this Nangi Mali Mountain, we briefly moved in a spiraling motion.

The town of Upper Domel could be seen in one spot. Shounter Pass is situated at a height above Shounter Lake (Spoon Lake), on which the Rattu Valley of Gilgit Astore is situated, as you continue past Upper Domel. An accessible track that leads to the Sarwali Peak Base Camp emerges from the Upper Domain.

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Shounter Pass:

Shounter Pass offers access to the Astore Valley. This route that connects Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir is elevated 14500 feet above sea level. By way of this pass, you can get to Astore Valley. then to Shounter Pass, Kel to Shounter Valley. the grade of that pass I must admit that it's quite difficult requires good training, and requires technical proficiency. The peak's final 2 km is exceedingly challenging, and the descent is considerably more challenging.

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Temperature Shounter Valley

Only in the month of summer is it attainable to hold out beautiful Shounter Valley. You won't be able to get there due to the appalling in the month of winter weather and notable snowfall. Be certain to look over the weather and time of year before coming here.

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Location of Shounter valley

At an elevation of 3,100 meters (10,200 feet), Shounter Lake is a picturesque lake found in Shounter Valley, a sub-valley of Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The glacial waters of the neighboring mountains feed the lake. Mountains covered in snow surround the lake, which is surrounded by lush grass and scattered Iris hookeriana specimens. A jeepable trail leads to the lake from Kel town in Neelum Valley.

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Jeep Track Shounter Valley

Because it typically stays sheltered in snow from May to August, this is the greatest season to visit Shounter Valley. In the summer months when the jeep road is accessible, trekking is the sole remaining method of transportation. Not just in Pakistan but in the world, the valley is well known for its beautiful lakes. The surroundings are incredibly wonderful and entrancing.

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