Boyun kalam village

Boyun kalam village

Boyun Village

Locally Boyun Village  Green Top is known as the roof of Kalam Valley in Pakistan. Boyun Village is the best and most charming place to visit in Swat Valley.

In recent years Boyun village has come up as the most favorite and most visited place by tourists in Kalam Valley and has now become the most popular among tourists, visitors  for its greenish views all around.

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Boyun Village is the best and most charming place to visit in Swat Valley.

Boyun Village | Top green kalam

Kalam Valley is famous for its mesmerizing and amazing views and tourist destinations, from which Mahodand lake, Usho forest, Chhota Mahodand lake, and Shahi Bagh are famous among tourists. And now Boyun village or the green top is a beautiful addition to these visiting places in Kalam valley of Pakistan.

Boyun village and the green top are two names of one destination including lush green fields under the feet of gigantic mountains all around and a top-view of the whole Kalam valley.

It is a hilltop near Kalam Valley where a village named Boyun is located on one side and the other side is known as the green top from where the all of Kalam Valley can be seen. Moreover, the lush green fields of potato, wheat, and other seasonal crops between these two are reasoned to eyes cooling.

Boyun village and the Green top is famous

There are several historical and charming villages in Swat and Boyun village has a special and distinguished place in it. The majority of people living here are Muslim and follow their century-old culture and traditions. And the ancient and historical Aryani village in Swat is really attractive as well.

Green Top is popluar for its healthy atmosphere and climate where the feel of cold wind on your body is really fascinating.  Please keep in mind not to capture pictures of locals without their permission.

Boyun village/Greep top worth visiting

Boyun village and the green top are must-visit places in Kalam Valley not only for their healthy atmosphere and top-view of the whole Kalam Valley but the view of snow-capped hills named seven sisters behind this hilltop makes it a must-visit visitors hotspot.

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Reach Boyun village/green top

Boyun village is located at a distance of about 8 kilometers from Kalam Valley and takes about 30 to 40 minutes drive to reach there on a jeep.

You can reach Boyun/green top by driving your own vehicle but hiring a jeep with a professional and local driver is highly recommended because it's an upward track from  Kalam to Boyun Village or Green Top and the road becomes very steep and narrow at some places.

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Things to do at Boyun village and Green Top

Along with enjoying the green lush fields in a healthy, calm, and beautiful atmosphere with views of snow-capped mountains named seven sisters and top-view (aerial view) of the whole Kalam valley is really admirable.

Not only the views but the traditions, culture, and lifestyle of the people living here in Boyun village is another reason to increase the curiosity of tourists to visit.

It is preferred to arrange a lunch or dinner party at this amazing place and if you could arrange a bonfire/barbeque would be the most memorable one.

Green top/Boyun village weather 

The weather of Boyun village remains calm, nice, and pleasant throughout the summer season which makes it a perfect place for tourism and leisure. the average temperature in the summer season here remains between 10 to 25 Celsius.

And it hosts heavy snow in the winter season that causes boosts winter-season tourism activities in the valley. Moreover, the average temperature of Boyun Valley in the winter season remains 2 to 10 Celsius however it drops down to -3 as well on few days.

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