Best place in Murree to visit

 Best place in Murree to visit


Murree is a pleasing mountain station located in the northern part of Pakistan. Located in the Pir Panjal range, it is a famous visitors' station that provides breathtaking sights of the surrounding hills and valleys. 

Murree is located at an altitude of seven thousand five hundred feet and is familiar with its enjoyable weather, charming beauty, and outdoor activities. 

In this article, we will search for the many magnetism and activities that Murree has to provide. Murree is the most famous place for tourists and vacations.

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If we are going to Murree, So we can go two way: the old Murree Road(Highway) and the new ISB-Murree Expressway.


Murree is The whole tehsil of Murree consists of a number of famous places, each with its own specialty and a charming tourist attraction.

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Geography and Climate

The Murree is situated in Pakistan Rawalpindi district and offsets a sector of around about 50 square kilometers. The weather in Murree is mostly fresh, and the range of temperature is from 20 Centigrade to -5 centigrade.

If you go to Murree in the summer months May to August because this is the best time to visit Murree.  When you go to Murree in the summer month the weather of Murree is very enjoyable.

Naltar valley

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Tourist Attractions:

In Murree the most popular tourist point.

Lawrence College

Ghora Gali is also equipped with an 1100 m-long chairlift which has a route from Ghora Gali to Pindi Point. The area is rich with pine trees and tropical vegetation with exquisite flora and fauna to be viewed and experienced.

Ghora Gali is also popular for its local tasty “Pakoray” and horse rides. Horse riding has become a main recreation in this city with time. 

During visits, it is pertinent for one to experience this thrill and special experience. Many people choose horse rides after getting worn for long walks.

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New Murree also called Patriata is a hill station in the northern side of Punjab and is situated 15 kilometers north-east of the famous Murree hills. Patriata is situated in “Murree Tehsil”, which is a sub-division of the Rawalpindi district.  

This gives Patriata one of the most enjoyable and cool weathers in the state and it is not unusual to see people rush for Patriata to spend numerous days vacation amongst the intense summer heat.

Tourist attractions include the chair lift and cable car recreational facilities which take the tourists on a long journey of calm and quiet. The chairlift gives the feeling of gliding through the clouds in a silent demeanor. It is indeed a must-experience event. 

The Patriata area is dense with rainforest vegetation and is known to host monkeys and leopards in its dense forests. Sightings have often been reported. 

Roads in this region have been developed to excellence and the tourists can enjoy an effortless and smooth drive around the area. Facilities such as telecommunication and lodgings are also available easily.


Mall Road

Mall Road Murree is a famous visitor attraction. It is basically a street with various shops consisting of famous souvenirs, hand-crafted artifacts, dry fruits, and popular restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes, most noticeably fish and chicken karahis.

Skardu valley

Apart from that, its one end has the General Post Office on it followed by a few hotels and rest houses to facilitate the tourists with the conform of affordable and luxurious rooms.

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Ayubia National Park is a famous visitor attraction situated in the Abbottabad District in the KPK province of northern Pakistan. Ayubia was named after the second Head of State of Pakistan, field marshal Ayub Khan.

Ayubia is dense with vegetation of coniferous forests and pine trees with an impressive elevation of 8000 feet above sea level.

Thandiani, Nathiagali, Ayubia, and Khansapur are numerous areas surrounding Ayubia. The park slowly has been developed as a resort complex from a combination of four mini resorts Khaira Gali, Khansapur, and Ghora Gali.

The area is fully provided with all possible facilities for telecommunication and transportation. The weather is cold and pleasant in summer but very harsh in winter and the extensive snow causes problems for the inmates of this area.

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Nathia Gali is a mountain resort town located in Hazara KPK Pakistan. It is an extension of the Galiyat range which is known for its ample hill stations and is closely interrelated.
Nathiagali is known for its beautiful scenic beauty, serene surroundings, pleasant hiking tracks, and weather. 

The greater altitude contributes to cooler weather situated at 34 kilometers one hour’s drive away from both Murree and Abbottabad and takes 2 hours to reach from Islamabad. 
It is an excellent place to retreat for quality time and meditation. The greenery and view of this area are quite similar to an author’s description of a far-away fairyland world.
Mobile network signals are not an issue except for a few patches; lodgings facilities too are available along with medical facilities.


Kashmir Point is a 15-minute walk from the GPO at a total distance of one km. You will also go through Cadet College Murree which passes through the Murree Residence area. Kashmir Point is a beautiful place. 

The area is surrounded by the beautiful Kashmir Mountains and lush green trees. It is the most crowded area of Murree because the rush of mall road also comes to Kashmir Point. 

As of now, there are various food courts and shops being constructed to cater to the rising tourist attraction in this area. 

Mobile signal coverage, lodgings, and medical facilities are not a problem in this area. Sights of new buildings being constructed are now very common.

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Located at 7500 feet above sea level and spreading across an area of 6 square kilometers, Kuldana is a part of the famous Murree hills.
Kuldana is a place in Punjab Province with a very little population situated there. Upper Topa, Lower Topa, and Murree are some of the nearby places in Kuldana.
Kuldana is covered with thick pine forests and vegetation and is aligned with the Murree-Nathiagali road starting from the Sunny Bank and ending at Kali Mitti.



Lower Topa is yet another popular tourist spot, with a good snowy winter and pleasant summer season. The area boasts of its pride, i.e. “PAF Public School Lower Topa” which is placed on a mountain hilltop near Patriata. 

This institution is known as the elite air force institution with the sole aim of grooming young cadets into future combat pilots. Every year millions of candidates compete to secure admission to this prestigious institute.

The Lower Topa viewpoint is a famous destination in this area. Visitors enjoy a good view of the hills and the greenery while sipping on a hot mug of local coffee or tea.

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In conclusion, Murree is a beautiful place for visitors who glance for a mix of natural beauty, culture, and adventure. Whenever you go to Pakistan, make sure to as well as Murree in your path and experience the good that this beautiful mountain station has to offer.

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