Beautiful Samahni valley | Samahni valley azad kashmir

  Beautiful  Samahni valley | Samahni valley azad kashmir

Samahni Valley

Samahni Valley beauty, Azad Kashmir is well-known and well-known throughout the earth. The beauty of the small towns in Azad Kashmir has multiplied hundreds of times. There is a very special place in every valley, village, and town that cannot be copied. Samahni Valley is one of Azad Kashmir's best picturesque towns in the same vein.

Samahni Village is the main village in the valley. Other notable villages include Chowki, Chajooa, Baghsar, Bandala, Kala Dub & Dub.

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Location of Samahni Valley

  Entering the district, just cross the city on a chamber-jandi contra road. Meanwhile, if you are coming from Islamabad, you can either take G.T. Road to Gujrat and follow the same route or you can enter Mangla from Dina and follow the Mirpur-Samahni Road through Sarsala to reach Samahni Village.

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Samahni valley Beauty

The gorgeous green mountains that surround the valley are breathtaking. There are lakes, streams, and waterfalls with crystal-clear water.  The entire valley boasts peaceful, clear, pollution-free air that is good for people. Visitors are drawn to it by its spotless and untarnished environment. Tall, dense trees painted a beautiful image of beauty for the tourists. There are no dust flecks; the entire valley has a stone bottom. Outsiders are drawn to it because of how lavish and prosperous it appears.

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Samahni Valley People

The people of Samahni Valley are straightforward, calm, kind, and compassionate. They turn to agriculture to provide them with food and earning. Wheat and maize are the valley's two main annual crops.

 These are the folks that faithfully adhere to laws and rules in order to live peaceful, quiet lives. They communicated their sight more effectively by speaking and understanding Urdu in the Pahari language.

They are also secure from theft, burglary, and other crimes. emphasized the value of their way of life and culture. The entire group works actively and takes pride in the job they do with their own 2 hands. Some separate work abroad in search of a shining future.

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Best time to visit the valley

Samahni Valley has a sizable area and offers its tourists sizable and endless scenery. If you visit Samahni Valley so you will come in March and April, July, August, and September because these months are best for visiting. Visitors can enjoy a fascinating and magnificently serene vista throughout these months. There is peace all around and no sense of urgency. The entire valley is a beautiful illustration of the creator's blessings.

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Climate of the valley

The cool and frostiest months of the year are January and December when the temperature stays at 9 degrees Celsius. June is the hottest month, with 43 degrees. Winter snowfall is in full swing, which seems appealing. The majority of tourists go there to enjoy it.

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